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The bed bug epidemic that has occurred over the last couple of years has been astonishing. Most travelers are on high alert, hoping to avoid a problem. Once a bed bug problem does occur, it can become costly and time consuming getting rid of the bed bugs. That is why being proactive in inspection and treatment is key. It is also very important to understand how bed bugs gain access to certain spaces in the first place. Below you will find some general information on how bed bugs travel between the most common areas where infestations occur.

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Hotels give Bed Bugs ample opportunity to find new hosts. These pests generally like to hide in soft, thick material where they can easily avoid detection. This makes spaces like box springs ideal, but they can also be found in bed frames, dressers and nightstands.

These tiny bugs can travel unnoticed in clothing placed in an infested dresser or luggage that has been placed on an infested bed. Considering most people only spend a couple nights in a hotel room at a time it is very easy for them to be unaware of any bed bug activity. Bed bugs can then hitch a ride on any traveler, ending up at another hotel or even following them home.

Regular screenings of each room in your facility should be conducted by trained specialists like Pronto Scent Detection Canine Teams. Early detection leads to easy elimination and is the best chance you have to keep your hotel’s reputation as a quality establishment from suffering.


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There are numerous ways that a bed bug can enter your apartment. They can crawl through tiny cracks in the walls from neighboring apartment units. Picking up used contaminated furniture is another way these pests can gain access. Bed bugs can also easily “hitch a ride” in a luggage case or backpack and enter your home after traveling and/or staying in a bed bug infested hotel.

If you have been involved in any high-risk activities like traveling or buying used furniture it is recommended that you receive a preventative screening. The sooner you take action against bed bugs the less damage they can do and the easier it will be to eliminate them from your apartment. Furthermore, if you notice any of these signs of bed bug activity you should call a professional pest control company right away.


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Bed bugs don’t just dwell in beds. They can be carried into offices and other professional areas on the clothing of an employee or client experiencing an infestation at home. Once inside your building, they can dwell in carpets, chairs, couches, and any other surfaces that provide a good hiding spot while giving them access to people.

In general, as the owner of the building it is your responsibility for making sure that any and all pests are removed from the property. The best and easiest way to avoid such a mess is to conduct regular inspections of your building’s suites/office areas and eliminate the pests at the first sign of detection. Delay could lead to a deep routed infestation, making the process of ridding your offices bed bugs much more costly.


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Bed bugs can overrun a house or condo very quickly. They can gain access to your home by hiding in the clothing of visitors, within the lining of used furniture, or inside recently transported luggage. Even a thoroughly cleaned and well maintained home can become infested with bed bugs. Remember, it only takes one bug to create a large problem. This is why beg bugs must be taken care of immediately before they can multiply.

Worse than the bites these tiny pests leave on your body is losing the sense of comfort you have in your own home. If you have been traveling recently or had out of town visitors an inspection of your house may be in order to ensure you don’t have a possible problem on your hands. If detected it is important to treat all rooms and furniture to make sure their presence has been thoroughly eliminated.


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With a constant turnover in patients, rehab centers are places where bed bugs can be easily introduced and thrive. While bed bugs do not transmit disease, their bites can result in allergic reactions or secondary skin infections. This can have an impact on the mental health of residents already struggling with addiction, as constant biting from these insects can result in anxiety or insomnia.

Once bed bugs enter a rehab center, they can spread quickly. If you see reddish stains or dark spots on bed sheets, these can be signs of bed bug activity. Regular screenings of your facilities for bed bugs is the best way to avoid a full-blown infestation. Early detection means swift elimination.


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Though hospitals are held to the highest standards of sanitation they too can suffer from bed bug infestations. Part of the reason for this is because the people being admitted are not coming from environments with those same standards. Just as it is common to find a cockroach in a suitcase that has hitched a ride to your home, bed bugs can be found on the clothes or in the overnight bags of patients who have been admitted. Like cockroaches, it only takes one bed bug to start an infestation.

Whenever bed bugs enter a new environment they will seek out places to hide. There these pests will wait for your patients to fall asleep so that they can feed. This can lead to more complications with already ailing patients. Hospitals should take the initiative to proactively eliminate bed bugs by conducting regular inspections of their rooms. Early detection means eliminating the pests before an infestation can spread throughout the entire facility.


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Having a bed bug infestation in your home or workplace can be a stressful and draining experience. This problem can become even worse if bed bugs also take over your personal vehicle. These pests can easily cling on to clothing and be transported into your car where they will begin to reproduce at alarming rates. With such a small space it would not take long before the area becomes completely overrun with bed bugs.

It is nearly impossible to find rest as long as bed bugs are present, and when they take up residence in your vehicle it will, inevitably, create even more issue. You would likely be spreading the pests wherever you travel. This will cause even more embarrassment and prevent you from allowing passengers to take rides in your vehicle for fear that they too will come into contact with the bugs.

If your living space or workplace has been the site of a recent infestation the professionals at Pronto Pest can inspect your vehicle to ensure that bed bugs have truly been removed your life.


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City management must be extra vigilant when it comes to bed bugs on public transportation systems. Early detection is the best way to avoid an infestation on your entire transit system. These pests can easily gain access to buses, taxis or shuttles by hiding in the clothing of passengers.

Bed bugs are small, think less than the size of an apple seed, making it easy for them to avoid visual detection. They can easily hide in small cracks and crevices, as well as in between seat cushions. Then, while commuters catch a ride to work or a city event they can unknowingly become a buffet for these vermin.

Considering how easily bed bugs can find a home on busy transit systems, regular screenings are an important step in fighting off infestations and a loss of faith in your city’s infrastructure. It only takes one bug to create an infestation.


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Bed bugs can truly be a menace to campers and campground owners. The great outdoors should be a place where people can go to get away from their problems and reconnect with nature. However, any hope of relaxation can quickly be ruined for a visitors of campgrounds with a bed bug problem.

Whether coming in from the wild, or hiding in the bags of a visiting camper, beg bugs will quickly make themselves at home in your camp. It only takes one getting in to begin establishing a colony and feeding off as many campers as possible.

Don’t wait for obvious signs of an infestation before taking action. Preventative inspections are the best way to stop bed bugs from over running your campground.