Over 42 Years of Pest Elimination

Pronto Pest Management is a family owned pest control company that has been providing residents and business in Michigan with quality pest elimination services for over 42 years! In the last 25 years Pronto Pest has become an expert at detecting and eliminating Bed bugs, in many different environments with a specialization in multiple unit apartment buildings.

1982: Pronto Pest is founded by Stephen Alcala with his wife Donna.

1999: Pronto Pest Management handles it’s first cases concerning bed bug infestations at two separate locations. At the time bed bugs were just being reintroduced into the Metropolitan Detroit area, so full blown infestations were not expected or recognized. The company was able to treat and eradicate the bed bugs and help the residents return to a bed bug free environment.

Star of the Chicago Conference

2005: Professional Exterminators meet in Chicago for a seminar to discuss plans of action to help slow the spread of Bed Bugs. Stephen Alcala quickly becomes one of the star speakers. The seminar’s attendees listen intently for 45 minutes as he shares his experiences. Pest Control Magazine and many representatives from other pest control companies find Alcala’s insights very informative and his methods for bed bug treatment to be on the cutting edge.

Steve Alcala owner of Pronto Pest
According to Pest Control Magazine “the star” of the Chicago seminar was Stephen Alcala.

“It’s important to train the staff of multiple unit buildings, such as hotels and apartments and even university dorms how to identify Bedbugs. Once you spot Bed Bugs you have to treat the problem right away, because they spread quickly … they hitch rides on clothing and even people’s luggage, so they are easily transferred to other areas”.

– Stephen Alcala

A new method of detection

2006: Cases dealing with bed bug are on the rise all over the country. This is when Pronto Pest encountered an increasing number of major infestations at apartment buildings:

“We soon discovered that although Pronto Pest could eliminate bed bugs in one apartment the pests were being reintroduced from neighboring units that were not being treated. It was then determined that all apartments in the building would have to be inspected.”

– Stephen Alcala

After realizing the costs and low accuracy rate of human inspection, it was decided to research other methods of bed bug detection. Ultimately it was decided that trained scent detection canines were the best method for finding and then treating live bed bug situations. After the facility was treated and it was determined that the bed bugs were eliminated, the canines were able to reinspect the unit and determine if all bed bugs had been eliminated.


Stephen Alcala and his team of highly trained bed bug experts continue to help residents all over Michigan identify and control bed bugs before they become a problem with the 3 phases of their unique Proactive Bed Bug Elimination Plan.