Bed Bug Treatment

Professional Bed Bug Removal

Pronto Pest is a family-owned pest control company that has provided the residents and businesses of Michigan with quality bed bug elimination services for over 42 years.

As bed bug populations have grown in Michigan and across the US, Pronto Pest has become an expert at detecting and eliminating bed bugs in many different environments. We particularly specialize in apartment blocks and other buildings with multiple residential units.

When it comes to bed bug treatment, Michigan residents are finding they can rely on the experts at Pronto Pest to clear their homes and businesses of these unwanted pests.

Methods of Bed Bug Treatment

Every bed bug problem is different. This is why the most appropriate methods of detection and treatment will depend on the building, the inhabitants and the extent of the infestation. As a result, Pronto Pest offers a variety of different methods for getting rid of bed bugs and will consult with you to discuss the most appropriate option, to ensure effective and safe results for every home and every budget.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatments are affordable and effective, but take longer than some other responses: in most cases, two to six weeks, with repeated treatments every 14 days. Regular cleaning, vacuuming, and washing of fabric in your property will help speed up the effectiveness of our chemical treatment.

Why it works

Chemical treatments contain a number of pesticide compounds that are lethal to bed bugs and their eggs.

When to use it

This treatment is great for those on a lower budget and works best with a smaller bed bug population of under 40 bugs. You should also consider whether this method is best for the health and safety of your family: the chemicals are safe for pets once the application has dried, but young children and expectant or nursing mothers should avoid exposure.

Our chemical bed bug treatments are safe for pets
Our chemical treatments are pet safe once they dry!

Steam Treatment

Steamers are an excellent, chemical-free way to treat for bed bugs and other pests such as dust mites. An effective treatment requires an initial vacuum followed by thorough application of a steamer.

Why it works

It takes serious heat to kill a bed bug – they die at around 113 °F (45 °C). Steamers reach upwards of 250ºF, killing bed bugs and eggs on contact as well as cleaning the affected area.

When to use it

Steam treatment is a great option – if you’re avoiding chemical treatments for health or environmental reasons – in instances where the bed bug population is under 40 bugs. You can also apply a chemical treatment afterward, but never before as this can pose a risk to health.

Heat Treatment (Generator)

This method of bed bug control is considered the most effective, capable of wiping out an entire infestation with a single application. This requires large-scale specialized equipment – including a generator, which in most cases will be parked on a truck outside the building as it is being treated – and so almost always requires a professional to carry out, unlike other methods which have a DIY option. The area affected will need to be vacated while the treatment is carried out.

Why it works

Thermal remediation works in a similar way to steam treatment, in that it relies upon the bed bug ‘kill temperature’ of 113 °F. However, it is even more effective, as it involves raising the temperature of the entire affected room, and/or even the whole building – so whereas steam treatments can easily miss bed bugs and/or eggs that are hiding in hard-to-reach crevices, in a heat-treated room there is nowhere to hide.

When to use it

Because this method kills every bug in the heated space, it is effective for larger bed bug infestations – defined as a bed bug population of 40 or more.

Heat treatment using thermal remediation
Our thermal generators work on units big and small to eliminate all traces of bed bug activity in the area.

Heat Treatment (Electric)

This method of getting rid of bed bugs is the same as the treatment described above – both in terms of method and effectiveness – but doesn’t require the use of a generator. Pronto Pest is the only pest control company in Michigan which offers all-electric thermal remediation, and can, therefore, guarantee the effective eradication of an infestation while aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the treatment.

Why it works

Electric-only thermal remediation works in the same way as the method above: by raising the temperature of the affected room or building above the point at which bed bugs can live.

When to use it

Electric-only thermal remediation is as effective as the previous method in eradicating bed bug infestations of 40 bugs or more.

There are few things more stressful than discovering bed bugs in your home – and the variety of detection and treatment methods out there can be overwhelming and confusing. You don’t necessarily want to know an enormous amount of detail about how each method of pest control works – you just want to know what kind of treatment is the best fit for your home, your family, and your budget. Put your mind at ease by opting for an exterminator with a long and proven track record of proven bed bug treatment successes. When you need pest control quickly, effectively and affordably: choose Pronto Pest!