Pronto Pest treats bed bug infestations in hotels/motels
Pronto Pest treats bed bug infestations in hotels/motels

With bed bugs on the rise all over the US, travelers are starting to take precautions. Including scanning Yelp and travel site reviews of potential hotels/motels for any mention of these pests. Just one claim of a bed bug sighting could result in a loss of business.

Hotels give Bed Bugs ample opportunity to find new hosts. These pests generally like to hide in soft, thick material where they can easily avoid detection. This makes spaces like box springs ideal, but they can also be found in bed frames, dressers, and nightstands.

These tiny bugs can travel unnoticed in clothing placed in an infested dresser or luggage that has been placed on an infested bed. Considering most people only spend a couple of nights in a hotel room at a time it is very easy for them to be unaware of any bed bug activity. Bed bugs can then hitch a ride on any traveler, ending up at another hotel or even following them home.

Regular screenings of each room in your facility should be conducted by trained specialists like Pronto Scent Detection Canine Teams. Early detection leads to easy elimination and is the best chance you have to keep your hotel’s reputation as a quality establishment from suffering.

Pronto Pest has over three decades of experience with controlling the spread of bed bugs in multi-unit facilities just like hotels. Our trained and maintained Scent Detection Teams can determine the extent and locations of the infestation in a unit within minutes. We offer a variety of treatment methods that can handle even large scale infestations.

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your motel’s reputation, call Pronto Pest today!