Pronto Pest treats bed bug infestations in Office Buildings
Pronto Pest treats bed bug infestations in Office Buildings

Bed bugs are on the rise all over the US. They infest homes, businesses and even office buildings. Just one infested office can quickly spread to the entire floor and eventually the whole building.

Bed bugs don’t just dwell in beds. They can be carried into offices and other professional areas on the clothing of an employee or client experiencing an infestation at home. Once inside your building, they can live in carpets, chairs, couches, and any other surfaces that provide a good hiding spot while giving them access to people.

In general, as the owner of the building, it is your responsibility for making sure that any and all pests are removed from the property. The best and easiest way to avoid an infestation is to conduct regular inspections of your building’s suites/office areas and eliminate the pests at the first sign of detection. Delay could lead to a deeply routed infestation, making the process of ridding your office’s bed bugs much more costly.

Pronto Pest has over three decades of experience with controlling the spread of bed bugs in multi-unit facilities just like office buildings. Our trained and maintained Scent Detection Teams can determine the extent and locations of the infestation in an office within minutes. We offer a variety of treatment methods that can handle even large scale infestations.

Don’t let bed bugs take over your office building, call Pronto Pest today!