Pronto pest treats bed bug infestations in Rehab Centers
Pronto pest treats bed bug infestations in Rehab Centers

Bed bugs are on the rise all over the US. They infest homes, businesses and even rehab centers. A single bed bug hitching a ride on a tenant can quickly turn into a facility-wide infestation.

With a constant turnover in patients, rehab centers are places where bed bugs can be easily introduced and thrive. While bed bugs do not transmit disease, their bites can result in allergic reactions or secondary skin infections. This can have an impact on the mental health of residents already struggling with addiction, as constant biting from these insects can result in anxiety or insomnia.

Once bed bugs enter a rehab center, they can spread quickly. If you see reddish stains or dark spots on bed sheets, these can be signs of bed bug activity. Regular screenings of your facilities for bed bugs is the best way to avoid a full-blown infestation. Early detection means swift elimination.

Pronto Pest has over three decades of experience with controlling the spread of bed bugs in multi-unit facilities just like rehab centers. Our trained and maintained Scent Detection Teams can determine the extent and locations of the infestation in a room within minutes. We offer a variety of treatment methods that can handle even large scale infestations.

Don’t let bed bugs take over your rehab center, call Pronto Pest today!