5 Bed Bug Tips for Travelers

Traveling can be a great chance to get out into the world and find some new places to explore. However, even the best trips can turn terrible if you are exposed to bed bugs on your journey. A single bed bug hiding in your luggage can lead to a full-blown infestation in your home. Thankfully, if you take the proper precautions, you can avoid having these pests follow you home.

1: Know what to look for

2: Know what to pack

  • Invest in a hardshell suitcase. It is easier for bed bugs to gain access to upholstered luggage
  • Pack clothing in sealable plastic bags to prevent these pests from coming home with you in your clothing
  • Bring a flashlight to aid in your inspection of your room

3: Pre-Screen your hotel room

  • Search online review forums for any indications of Bed Bug activity
  • Leave your luggage in the car or at the front desk while you inspect the room
  • If you must bring your luggage in the room then put it on a luggage rack

4: Check everywhere

  • Look for small brown and black smears or spots on the bedding
  • Look for shed exoskeletons around the bed frame or under the mattress
  • Check all furniture in the room especially nightstands and dressers near the bed
  • Do not let your guard down in upscale lodgings, cleanliness is not a factor when it comes to bed bugs
  • Inspect all rooms carefully and thoroughly

5: Turn up the heat on your clothes/bags

  • Once home run all your clothes through the dryer on high heat
  • Seal any upholstered luggage in plastic until it can be steamed
  • If bed bugs were detected on the trip, do not bring any luggage in your home until it has been inspected and treated