Meet Our K-9 Bed Bug Detectives

Bed Bugs have become a very serious problem in recent years, foreseeing the threat back in 2006 Pronto Pest invested in it’s first K-9 Bed Bug Detection dog a beagle named “Sadie”, becoming the first pest control company in Detroit and the Midwest with a certified scent detecting canine.

Sadie the Bed Bug Detective
Sadie the Bed Bug Detective. The first NESDCA certified dog in the Midwest.

NESDCA certified Scent Detection Dogs

K-9 bed bug Scent Detection Teams that are certified through NESDCA uphold the highest pest control industry standards. When a canine team is properly trained and maintained, you can be assured of a high percentage of accuracy in locating live bed bugs and viable eggs.

Not only can properly trained and maintained canines locate Bed Bug problems they can also determine if treatment has worked due to their ability to let us know there are no more live bed bugs present.

Why use our K-9 detectives?

Pronto Pest management currently has three NESDCA certified handler teams in Detroit and Michigan that are continuously trained to maintain a high level of performance and accuracy!

We plan to keep on the “cutting edge” of Professional Bed Bug identification & elimination by researching and utilizing new and improved methods of pest management principles. We want to be the “go-to” experts that others call upon for consultation and advice.

See our K-9 Bed Bug Detectives in action!

WXYZ Report on our K-9 Detectives!

Sadie, a 5-year-old Beagle mix, is a proud bed bug hunter who works for food. And she’s part of the growing team of K-9 detectives at Pronto Pest in the Oak Park area of Detroit.

Specially trained in live bed bug detection, Sadie’s owner, Steve Alcala, says she is about 98-percent accurate. Humans looking for bed bugs reportedly detect the critters with a near 40-percent accuracy rate.

And with the rise in bed bug awareness and detection, Alcala has added to his Detroit K-9 team of bed bug hunters with Molly, a 3-year-old Beagle mix, and a 2-year-old pure Beagle named Gracie.

Beagles make great bed bug hunters because of they are small and can sniff in small spaces and detect bed bugs there.