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The Spooky Truth About Bed Bugs

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Evil bed bug

As Halloween draws near, we’re diving into a chilling topic that’s sure to send shivers down your spine – bed bugs! These small, blood-sucking fiends are the stuff of nightmares, lurking in the dark corners of our living spaces, waiting to come out and feed on us as we sleep. But fear not, dear readers, […]

How to treat the most common bug bites

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Most common bug bites

Being bitten or stung by some kind of insect is as much a part of summer as pool parties and barbecues – and you can be reassured that the vast majority of bug bites are not serious, and will quickly heal. However, some bites and stings can cause health problems for you or your family, […]

Protecting Yourself from Ticks While Camping

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How to avoid ticks while camping!

Of all the pests you’re likely to encounter while camping, there are few more troublesome than the tick. Tick bites tend not to be painful but remain a health concern because certain ticks spread Lyme disease (among other blood-borne diseases). This disease affects around 300,000 people a year in the United States and can lead to […]

6 Pest Control Myths – Debunked

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Not all felines are capable of handling your rodent problem

In most modern societies there persists a stigma about pests in the home, which can prevent people speaking openly about pest problems. Which is why it’s not surprising that rumors and inaccurate pest control advice are as ubiquitous as cockroaches, and even harder to kill (more on that later). In this post I’m going to […]