Six Tips to Keep Ants out of Your Kitchen

Ant Prevention Average read time: 3 minutes
Once a food source has been located, ants will leave a scent trail so the rest of their colony can find it.

Is there a worse thing to find in your kitchen than ants? Maybe one or two things – a shark in the sink, or a cover band getting between you and the coffee-maker. And to be fair to ants, they do us a favor by eating the larvae of other, more harmful pests. But if…

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Carpenter Ants vs Termites: Which is destroying your home?

Ant Removal Average read time: 4 minutes
Carpenter Ants vs Termites

You can no longer ignore the damaged woodwork in your home or business. You swear that when it’s quiet you can actually hear the wood being munched away from the inside. Your initial diagnosis: termites. But are you sure it’s not an infestation of the similar – and slightly less worrisome – carpenter ants? Whether…

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