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Cockroaches Fact Sheet

Cockroaches Fact Sheet Average read time: 6 minutes
Cockroach on wall

No, they won’t really survive a nuclear holocaust – but cockroaches are so notoriously difficult to get rid of, we can see how that old joke took hold. Read on for everything you need to know about preventing, recognising and treating a cockroach infestation before it gets out of control – with serious consequences for […]

Bees Fact Sheet

Bees Fact Sheet Average read time: 7 minutes
Bee in garden

Not The Bees! There are almost twenty thousand different named species of bee. These winged insects are close relatives of wasps and ants, and because of their role in pollination – they pollinate around a third of everything humans eat – they’re essential in keeping the Earth’s ecosystems and food chain running smoothly. That’s why […]