Pronto Pest treats bed bug infestations in homes
Pronto Pest treats bed bug infestations in homes

Your home should be your sanctuary away from the rest of the world. A place where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day of work. Of all the people you’d want to visit your home (friends, family, acquaintances), bed bugs are not on the guest list!

Bed bugs will overrun a house or condo very quickly. They can gain access to your home by hiding in the clothing of visitors, within the lining of used furniture, or inside of recently transported luggage. Even a thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained home can become infested with bed bugs. Remember, it only takes one bug to create a large problem, a single female can lay five eggs a day! This is why bed bugs must be taken care of immediately before they can multiply.

Worse than the bites these tiny pests leave on your body is losing the sense of comfort you have in your own home. If you have been traveling recently or had out of town visitors an inspection of your house may be to ensure you don’t have a possible problem on your hands. If detected it is important to treat all rooms and furniture to make sure their presence has been thoroughly eliminated.

Pronto Pest has over three decades of experience with controlling the spread of bed bugs in homes all over Michigan. Our trained and maintained Scent Detection Teams can determine the extent and locations of the infestation in your home within minutes. We offer a variety of treatment methods that can handle even large-scale infestations.

Don’t let bed bugs ruin the sanctity of your home, call Pronto Pest today!