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My neighbor Wendy told me that her house had bed bugs, and I was so worried about the infestation spreading to my home – especially when she told me how long it had taken her pest control company to investigate the problem. Instead, I called Pronto Pest as soon as I thought I spotted one bug, and I’m so glad I did: their detection team confirmed the problem and began treatment right away. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cathy S. – Oak Park, MI

Protecting Yourself from Ticks While Camping

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How to avoid ticks while camping!

Of all the pests you’re likely to encounter while camping, there are few more troublesome than the tick. Tick bites tend not to be painful but remain a health concern because certain ticks spread Lyme disease (among other blood-borne diseases). This disease affects around 300,000 people a year in the United States and can lead to […]

I initially thought we only had a bed bug problem in the guest room, but when Sadie from the canine scent detection team arrived at my home, she went straight to my daughter’s room. On further inspection by her handler, it was clear that there were bed bug eggs in her room. I hate to think how long it would have taken me to realize the bugs were there if it hadn’t been for Sadie – good girl!

Susan B. – Detroit, MI

Cockroaches Fact Sheet

Cockroaches Fact Sheet Average read time: 6 minutes
Cockroach on wall

No, they won’t really survive a nuclear holocaust – but cockroaches are so notoriously difficult to get rid of, we can see how that old joke took hold. Read on for everything you need to know about preventing, recognising and treating a cockroach infestation before it gets out of control – with serious consequences for […]

DIY Pesticide: 9 Tips for Staying Safe

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Spraying pesticides

Pesticides must be used with care and attention in order to be safe, powerful and cost-effective. For this reason, it’s often best to call in a pest control professional with expertise and years of experience in the best way to use these chemicals. But it’s almost inevitable that you will sometimes need to use pesticides […]