I would like to extend thanks and appreciation from our development to you company. When we started working together in the Fall of 2010 to combat the surprise problem that was bed bugs, we had a whopping 19% infestation of our building. Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and professionalism of you and your staff at Pronto Pest Management, we have been able to proudly say that we have been encountering very few problems and have an infestation rate of less than one percent!

We have worked together through the growth of your company—we’ve seen Sadie the scent-inspection dog, the first in our state, come through and do a fabulous job. Than came Mollie, and now there’s Gracie…your fantastic service, education, dedication and drive to take the best possible care of your clients shows! Thank you for helping us to engineer both a preventative maintenance plan for the early detection of bed bugs and also to help us build a solidly effective continuing treatment plan. Prior to this program, we were having to do wildly expensive thermal treatments on every single infested apartment; the preparation was just too much for staff and for our seniors.

In closing, Steve, all of us here—both staff and residents—would like to send a heartfelt thank you for all that you and your staff have done here to help us combat this problem. It makes us feel good to know that even though bed bugs aren’t going away any time soon, that our issues with them are very minimal and very well handled by your company.

Please, feel free to pass along our number (734.729.2900) to any potential future clients or existing clients who might like a glowing review of your company. We look forward to working with you for any of our pest management needs for the foreseeable future.

Karen S. – Westland, MI

In reference to Pronto Pest Management. I would personally recommend this pest control company to anyone.

I’ve been managing a property in Michigan for 6 months, had a bed bug issue. It took less than 3 months to get the issue under control, but with several consistent follow-ups I’m very pleased to say that my property is closer to being bed bug free than ever before. I had other pest control companies, but they weren’t nearly as cooperative and consistent as Pronto Pest Management is.

Stephen Alcala the owner of Pronto Pest Management is form with his word and it’s guaranteed.

Dawn H. – Grand Blanc, MI

It’s one thing to have a few itchy bug bites, but it’s quite another to know they’re the result of a resilient, blood-sucking pest living in your bed. As an expert on bed bugs, you’re obviously familiar with the anxiety this particular pest creates for homeowners. Having a new baby in the house only intensified things for us this past summer when we realized the bites covering our bodies were not mosquito or spider bites. Thanks to your quick and attentive response, however, an infestation was thwarted and our anxiety is long gone.

From the moment I franticly called Pronto about our pest problem, not even sure if bedbugs were to blame, my husband and I felt taken care of. Not one but two “doggies” came to our home with your handler Mellisa the following day. Having multiple dogs on hand to provide a second opinion was thoroughly professional on her part, leaving no question as to whether we’d treat the situation seriously. It assured we were making the right decision.

Bedbugs are “impossible to get rid of,” according to the internet. But with the help of your team, ours were gone after just five treatments. While it took a few months for our home to pass Molly’s sniff test, we were able to relax during the extermination process because you made us feel at ease with the situation. That’s what makes Pronto Pest stand out in my opinion.

I’ve never dealt with a company whose owner provided one-on-one customer service via his personal cell phone. Throughout the two-month extermination process, we had the pleasure of dealing directly with you. Friendly, approachable, confident and reassuring – you were exactly what we needed to get through that nerve-wracking situation. It was by far the best customer service experience we’d ever had.

Our bedbug saga is over and I can happily say we’ve found a trusted exterminator in Pronto Pest. What a relief.

Thank you so much for your impeccable service.

Erin H. – Ferndale, MI

Pronto Pest Management/Pronto Bed big has been a stress free, prompt, and professional staff throughout our entire experience with them. Setting appointments has been easy and they have accommodated us at the last minute on a few occasions as well. The entire staff is friendly and possesses a depth of knowledge in the bed bug area. It has been helpful when explaining the process and options to our tenants.

The K-9 service has been a lifesaver in regards to detecting bed bugs in our units. Having options to service the units from sprays to heat treatments gives the tenants a feeling of fairness in pricing for their situations. The follow-up visit puts the tenants as well as our staff at ease and allows everyone to go back to their normal way of living.

We have had a great working relationship with Pronto Pest Management and see no reason why anyone who decides to do business with them would not due to their promptness, professionalism, and consistency.

Prime Student Housing Staff – Ann Arbor, MI