It’s one thing to have a few itchy bug bites, but it’s quite another to know they’re the result of a resilient, blood-sucking pest living in your bed. As an expert on bed bugs, you’re obviously familiar with the anxiety this particular pest creates for homeowners. Having a new baby in the house only intensified things for us this past summer when we realized the bites covering our bodies were not mosquito or spider bites. Thanks to your quick and attentive response, however, an infestation was thwarted and our anxiety is long gone.

From the moment I franticly called Pronto about our pest problem, not even sure if bedbugs were to blame, my husband and I felt taken care of. Not one but two “doggies” came to our home with your handler Mellisa the following day. Having multiple dogs on hand to provide a second opinion was thoroughly professional on her part, leaving no question as to whether we’d treat the situation seriously. It assured we were making the right decision.

Bedbugs are “impossible to get rid of,” according to the internet. But with the help of your team, ours were gone after just five treatments. While it took a few months for our home to pass Molly’s sniff test, we were able to relax during the extermination process because you made us feel at ease with the situation. That’s what makes Pronto Pest stand out in my opinion.

I’ve never dealt with a company whose owner provided one-on-one customer service via his personal cell phone. Throughout the two-month extermination process, we had the pleasure of dealing directly with you. Friendly, approachable, confident and reassuring – you were exactly what we needed to get through that nerve-wracking situation. It was by far the best customer service experience we’d ever had.

Our bedbug saga is over and I can happily say we’ve found a trusted exterminator in Pronto Pest. What a relief.

Thank you so much for your impeccable service.

Erin H. – Ferndale, MI